Database Migration with Cross-Database Studio

Migrate/Transfer/Copy/Transform Schema and Data across different database types

Cross-Database Studio allows migrating and transferring database schemas and data across different database types.
The database migration with Cross-Database Studio is easy, intuitive, configurable and ensures reliability and data integrity.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible configuration, intuitive and easy-to-use UI, reliable results.
  • Rapid data migration across different databases types ensuring data integrity with no data loss.
  • Restructuring/transforming schema and converting data with ease during migration.
  • Migrating/Transferring data across databases deployed on different platforms (Windows Unix, Linux or Solaris ).
  • Provides with an unified approach for migration across different database types.

Database Migration Features:

  • Supports migration/transfer of schema and data across any ODBC compliant databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL MaxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access etc.
  • Robust strategy and predefined rules for conversion of database structure from one database type to another
  • Migration of data from Excel, CSV and XML files into databases.
  • Migrates tables, indexes, constraints along with data.
  • Support for migration and transformation of data using SQL SELECT queries.
  • Generates scripts to perform data & schema migration in a command line mode (without GUI). Scripts can also be used for periodic scheduled migration.
  • Supports basic features for Schema and Data transformation during migration.
  • Supports migrating stored procedures if the source and target RDBMS are the same.
  • Criteria based data migration (data subsetting) is supported when migrating from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase ASE to any database. User can set the filter criteria for a table(s) based on which, only the rows matching the criteria (subset) will be migrated. If criteria is set for a table, then its dependant tables will also be migrated based on its relationship.

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