Database Development with Cross-Database Studio

Creating, editing and navigating across schema objects and data of databases of different types

Cross-Database Studio comprehensively satisfies all common needs related to database management and development processes: editing data and schema objects, generating, editing and executing SQL scripts, export and import data. It allows developers to easily navigate database schemas and objects. Users can visually select tables and fields to query, edit tables, create new tables, drop tables, browse and edit table data.

Key Benefits:

  • Possibility to work with databases of almost all known relational databases
  • Concurrent connection to several databases of same or different types.
  • Parallel exploring and working on data and schemas of two or more databases of same or different types
  • Creating and using data views - Stored Queries and Virtual Tables - on client side.
  • Easy, flexible and configurable transfer of data and schema objects between databases of same or different type..
  • Loading data directly from CSV, Excel and XML files.
  • Powerful SQL scripting capabilities allowing creation of scripts in different SQL dialects.

Database Development Features:

  • Supports working with schema and data across any ODBC compliant databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL MaxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access etc.
  • Displays comprehensive information about all database objects: tables, table indexes, primary keys, table relations, stored procedures
  • Displays the data stored in the tables and the data represented by database views.
  • Displays table dependencies in two mode : all the referenced tables or all the referencing tables
  • Provides with powerful data filtering subsystem allowing to apply same filter to multiple table
  • Allows online editing table data: updating data values, adding and deleting data records
  • Allows creating new tables and without hand-writing SQL scripts
  • Allows to clear and drops extisting tables
  • Criteria based export of table/view data into CSV, XML, HTML, MS Excel files
  • Generates SQL and DDL scripts in different SQL dialects. Supports script generation in batch mode.
  • Generates SQL scripts supporting BLOB, Unicode, XML data
  • Execute one or more SQL queries

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