About Us

Founded in 2006 DBBalance provides cross-database comparison, synchronization, migration and conversion solutions.

Serving hundreds of satisfied customers our unique solutions enable our customers to compare, migrate, synchronize and convert ANY ODBC enabled databases. Our products are used by a wide variety of users including DBAs, developers, QA, solution integrators, project leaders and IT professionals. Our products are already used by a wide spectrum of companies including banks, insurance companies, government, military, health, software development, telecom, manufacturing and education.

Our solutions are designed to be simple to use and provide results quickly, accurately and effectively. Using our solutions users can compare, migrate, synchronize and convert any ODBC enabled databases. This functionality is available for both metadata structures and data allowing the user to create a customized "strategy" introducing unrivaled flexibility. Users are given full control of the processes, defining rules and configuration.

The DBBalance suite of products is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing IT and business process providing results in multiple formats that are designed to be used by corporate reporting systems, database management systems and software development and testing tools. This ability allows our customers to simply integrate our products into existing business, development and IT processes without creating an additional layer to the process.

Our solutions offer the following three unique benefits:

  • Cross-database support of any ODBC database
  • Flexible strategy-based customization allowing users to define which parts of the database structure and data are used and exactly how these elements are used
  • A simple to use, integrated and comprehensive environment allowing customers to quickly use the product effectively from day one
We believe our customers come first. Following this belief we proud ourselves on establishing a technical team dedicated to assisting our customers achieve their goals. Our technical team is dedicated to assisting you both while evaluation and while using our solutions.

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